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Chanel Narcissus, Neo-Soul independent recording artist, SAG-AFTRA actress and owner of Studio Nar was born in New Jersey and lived a bi-coastal lifestyle between her homes in Newark, NJ and San Diego, CA. She is best known for her sensuous singing style and eclectic sound. Her career has landed her several movie roles, print modeling, theater productions and album collaborations and features.

 In 2001, she began her studies as a double major in the concentrations of Vocal Music and Classical Piano at Morgan State University and sang with the world-renowned Morgan State University Choir led by Dr. Nathan Carter. While at Morgan State, she studied under the esteemed Pianist, Robert Jordan and Vocalist, Dr. Marilyn Thompson. In 2005, Chanel graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree and went on to begin a recording career as an independent artist. 

In 2007, Chanel started an independent record label VYE Records, LLC. In 2010, she opened a second business Studio Nar, LLC, where she offers private piano and voice lessons for pupils ages 5 and above, audio recording, mixing and mastering services as well as audition prep to aspiring and tenured performers. 

In early 2012, she attended Sheffield Institute of Recording Arts (SIRA) in Phoenix, MD and was the only woman in her class and received an Audio Engineering degree. In July of that same year, Chanel Narcissus released her first single “Love Spell”, which she wrote, recorded and produced. “Love Spell” completed a two-month radio campaign and hit 2 BDS charts 7 weeks out of the 8-week campaign

In November 2012, she released her debut EP CHANEL NARCISSUS: The Introduction. In 2014 she released her first single entitled “Make Love to Me” from her sophomore album, In My Element. 

In 2020, she acquired a Master’s Degree in Music Business from the prestigious Berklee College of Music.  

In August 2021, Chanel Narcissus released her second single along with a music video for “Pretty Eyes” from her sophomore album In My Element as well as recorded her first live acoustic album recording For Lovers Only featuring new music from the upcoming album. 


In July 2023, she released her third single “Beautiful”.  On September 16, 2023, she released her highly anticipated album In My Element. 

New Music The Birth of a New Sound: Chanel Narcissus' Debut Album

With In My Element, I wanted to break the mold and create something truly unique. The album flows effortlessly, with each track building on the last, creating a journey through the different genres. It was important for me to convey my emotions authentically, and I believe that shines through in the music. In creating In My Element, I challenged myself artistically and pushed the boundaries of what is expected in the music industry.

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